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Raincoat in Vegas

Raincoat in Vegas is Dave Carroll’s second solo release. The album represents the culmination of 3 years of experiences and perspectives from his life since United Breaks Guitars. It is an eclectic mix of carefully crafted songs that demonstrate Dave’s growth as songwriter and performer. The depth of musical styles offered by “Raincoat in Vegas” range from Pop-Folk to Singer-Songwriter to Americana. More…

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is Dave Carroll’s first solo release. It contains 12 original songs, three of which were penned in the US with Nashville writers Jon Vezner, Steve Fox, Bernie Chiaravalle. The music is an eclectic Pop-Folk mix of songs demonstrating the depth of Dave’s writing and his strong vocal ability. More…

Everday Heroes (911 Song)

This website – , along with the song and video,  are dedicated to enhancing and supporting the lives of all First Responders and their families. It is hoped that a strong community of interest forms and comes back often to keep connected and engaged in supporting First Responders and their related organizations. More…

United Breaks Guitars

United Breaks Guitars tells the story of Dave’s customer experience with United Airlines in 2008 and 2009. The musical protest video quickly became one of YouTube’s greatest hits and caused an instant media frenzy across all major global networks and sources (including the likes of CNN, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone Magazine & the BBC to name a few). Worldwide audiences discovered Dave’s Canadian charm, winning persona and unique creative abilities… Read the full story or watch the vidoes for song 1, song 2 and song 3.

In 2012 Dave released a video ‘I’ve Got A Book Comin’ Out’ in support of his book United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media.

Sons of Maxwell

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