Why I became "bullfrogpowered"

The responsibility belongs to each of us in protecting our environment – and more importantly, our future.  It’s about what we can do today to improve things now and tomorrow.  As a new father, that means the world to me.

In this world, you get what you give.  Bullfrog puts the power, literally, in people’s hands to replenish our world for future generations.  But they also contribute a portion of profits to other organizations who are striving for sustainability.  That’s full circle.

Simple actions make a difference and I’m proud of what Bullfrog Power is working to do, one home and business at a time.   It also means that I can be a customer – and partner – with a locally-based company who understands my community and is working to make it a better place for my son to grow up in.

As a musician, creativity is such an important source of inspiration. Similarly, Bullfrog Power has used their creativity to inspire greater use of renewable energy by homes, business and the corporations who fuel them.
Bullfrog Power is a business that aligns with my values and I have to admit, I dig that frog on the website.


Bullfrog Power logo

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