Dave Carroll is an award winning singer-songwriter and social media innovator from Halifax Canada. With twenty years experience in the music business, when faced with a difficult customer service issue with United Airlines in 2009,  Dave used his ability as a master storyteller to share his issue with the world.
The resulting YouTube music video called  “United Breaks Guitars” became an instant viral hit and today over 150 million people have been introduced to his story.  With significant impacts in the areas of customer service, social media, branding and self-empowerment Dave’s career as an entertainer and songwriter has expanded. He is now a highly sought after professional speaker, a published author and he is increasingly being commissioned for songs for other people and organizations.
His ability to extract the essence of a message and craft it into song is a rare gift that is attracting fans of all ages.  His warm and often humorous delivery of his story and its implications is both entertaining and educational.   Songwriter, performer, author, speaker and consumer advocate, Dave Carroll is said to be “one of the nicest guys in the business” and complimentary to most any event.

Looking for a unique speaker for your next Event?

If you’re planning an upcoming event, consider hiring Dave to share his “Customer Experience” stories and music.  Dave will inspire your audience to consider what it means to live and compete in today’s social media driven world.  Dave has many first-hand insights on the power of one person and how leading companies must compete through exceptional customer experiences.

Dave’s talks combine music and storytelling to strike a chord with everyone.  He is available to both speak and perform at your live event or webcast series.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Dave was a huge hit with our customers and the media at our client summit this fall. His ‘United Breaks Guitars’ story really brought home for our audience just how much impact a single consumer can have on a global business today.”

– Jason Mittelstaedt, Chief Marketing Officer, RightNow Technologies

“Our company audience of 1200 left our time with Dave Carroll inspired and emotionally driven to tackle the challenges of the coming year. I have never seen a performer capture the hearts and imaginations of our employees like Dave did…when he was done I witnessed the longest standing ovation I had ever seen”

-George Heinrichs, President, Intrado Inc.

Dave Carroll is a certified music AND social media superstar. His ‘Dave versus Goliath’ effort with his spectacular United Breaks Guitars videos shows that even one individual can outgun one of the largest, most scientific marketing, PR, and customer-service organization on the planet. Ten million YouTube views, tens of thousands of blog posts and tweets, and hundreds of mainstream articles later, Dave offers the proven methods that get people and organizations noticed. The rules have changed. The balance of power has been irrevocably altered. Scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage. Today it takes speed and agility, plus the kind of creative imagination and craft skill that allowed Dave to write a song every bit as powerful as a Stinger missile.”

David Meerman Scott,
bestselling author of
The New Rules of Marketing and co-author of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

…and there are many more outstanding testimonials from Dave’s clients. Visit for a full listing.

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