NEW Music: Until One Day | Dave Carroll

New Music Out Now Until One Day is a collection of new music coming from moments inspired by experiences I’ve had over the last 9 years. The songs on this recording share a common thread of promoting love, kindness and compassion. Order a CD now (Official Store): Click here Download the full album: Click here

NEW VIDEO: When The World Stops Ending | Dave Carroll

When The World Stops Ending Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to reflect and work on some new music. In the process Jamie Robinson and I wrote a timely new song called When The World Stops Ending. We wrote the song over Zoom, recorded our parts in isolation and Josh Parlee edited

NEW Video: No Way Norway

Many of you may be aware of the recent rise in tensions between Canada and Norway, over Norway’s unscrupulous decision to make a bigger moose than Moose Jaw Saskatchewan’s “Mac the Moose.” Moose Jaw is fighting back and is committed to reclaiming the record of having the world’s tallest moose. This week Norway released a

NEW VIDEO: Fred & Arla – Extreme Music Testimonials

🎙 “Riveting!!!” 🎶 “Spellbound!!!” 🎸 Testimonials have been a marketing mainstay of musicians forever, but their effectiveness at piquing the interest of new fans is diminishing today. Every artist has an impressive quote or endorsement from someone and so a great testimonial carries more benefit as a validator, after you become a fan, than a

Dave Carroll Holding a Guitar

NEW VIDEO: United Breaks Guitars 4?

Over the past few days, I have received several emails and requests via social media to write a song in response to the Customer Service incident on United Airlines, involving passenger Dr David Dao, who was forcefully removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 on Sunday April 9th. This is my response… Watch United Breaks Guitars

..." title="Storytelling in Aviation – Flight Airline Business">Flight Attendant walks through plane.


Sell a strong story Customers and staff alike can be inspired by true-life tales that are often overlooked by airline sales and marketing teams, says Shashank Nigam, chief executive of SimpliFlying When United Airlines broke Dave Carroll’s guitar and his music video of the incident went viral, the carrier issued a press release that talked

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NEW VIDEO: I Cried by Max Carroll (with Sons of Maxwell)

Before my folks got married their relationship hit a little bump in the road and, for a short while, my mom entertained another prospect. My Dad didn’t appreciate this other gentleman caller and eventually, neither did my mom. Max and Sharon patched things up and the rest is history. During ‘The Dark Period’ however, my

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NEW SHOW: Sons of Maxwell perform at Rocktoberfest

Dave Carroll - God Save Doreen - Video Cap

Video: God Save Doreen by Dave Carroll

 My grandmother Doreen Daley was a big influence over my entire family and although she lived in several places during her life, she spent her last few years here in Halifax with my parents. She was a British war bride arriving with my dad and his sister at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia in

How To Make Your Customer Really Mad

As a consumer advocate and professional speaker I listen to consumers from around the world share their unpleasant customer experiences and this is a great example of one that ends well, but one that the company should have solved much sooner. This highly respected brand was close to experiencing a social media crisis by doing