United Breaks Guitars

Get the full story behind United Breaks Guitars including video highlights from Dave’s speaking tour and recent case studies.  More…

United Breaks Guitars – Song 1 Video

We began our week-long-tour of Nebraska by flying United Airlines from Halifax to Omaha, by way of Chicago…. upon landing and waiting to deplane in order to make our connection a woman sitting behind me, not aware that we were musicians cried out: “My god they’re throwing guitars out there.”  Read the full story…

Launched in July 2009, the first United Breaks Guitars Song became one of YouTube’s greatest hits and caused an instant media frenzy across all major global networks and sources (including the likes of CNN, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone Magazine & the BBC to name a few).  Watch the video

United Breaks Guitars – Song 2 Video

Dave takes a closer look at his dealings with Ms. Irlweg and the flawed policies that she was forced to uphold.  Song 2 is an appeal to United to do the right thing because their policies are putting a real strain on what could be a terrific friendship between Ms. Irlweg and Dave.  Watch the video

United Breaks Guitars – Song 3 Video

The latest video acknowledges that Dave’s unfortunate experience with United has given his career an unexpected lift, and that he wishes United well with the changes that they say are coming, but that many people continue to face their own customer service nightmares. Catchy lyrics are delivered in a high energy, bluegrass tune featuring a premiere Canadian musician on fiddle and mandolin and a surprise dobra solo from a high profile Nashville recording artist. Watch the video.

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