What is your customer experience story?

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  1. Diana Collier says:

    My customer experience story is the exact same as Dave Carroll’s, only insert “wheelchair” instead of “guitar”. And no one at the airline I used told me up front that my chair would be sent down into the cargo hold only to have everyone’s luggage dumped on top of it. I went through months of in person, on the phone, and mail in 1996 to rectify the situation and get some kind of compensation to no avail. Can I tell you how I feel as though karma has come around to the airline industry with the release of the UBG videos? This has accomplished, by way of a new medium, what I could not back in 1996. And Dave Carroll has done it with poise, grace and humor – for which no one can fault him. I know that what he’s been able to accomplish with this situation will help in the world. (it’s put my worries to rest) And isn’t that what we all want to do after all? Thanks, Dave Carroll. Diana Collier

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