Music Testimonials

“Dave Carroll’s second solo album – Raincoat In Vegas –showcases this singer-songwriter as a compelling story-teller and one worldly wordsmith. To say his new songs reveal another level of creativity would be an under- statement.”

Paul KennedyCCMA Hall of Fame Broadcaster Seaside fm

“Dave Carroll is one of the most under rated songwriters in the country.”

Paul KennedyCCMA Hall of Fame Broadcaster Seaside fm

“With this one song David has remarkably been able to accomplish something that lobbyists have been trying to resolve for 10-years,” explains Bill Skolnik, the AFM Vice President from Canada. “It is not unlike the classic David and Goliath story with David Carroll drawing on his craft to create a metaphoric slingshot that hits right at the heart of the matter. This achievement illustrates the unique ability art has to empower the public, and as such we are hopeful that the attention this internet sensation has garnered will spiral into a resolution to our continuing negotiations with the airline industry at large.”

Bill SkolnikAFM (American Federation of Musicians)

“We’re pleased to recognize Dave Carroll as the first bullfrogpowered musician in the Maritimes,” … “A modern day folk hero with extensive passion and reach, Carroll will help to raise awareness among Maritimers about the importance of supporting new renewable power in Canada—we are just thrilled to be working with him.”

Holly BondBullfrog Power

“…[United Breaks Guitars] became an Instant hit…” “…its a good song… I like that song.”

Wolf BlitzerCNN The Situation Room

“A real life guitar hero.”

Lloyd RobertsonCTV

“…Now is a song that invites us beyond the pain of the past, into the Freedom of the Now.”

Eckhart TolleNew York Times Best Selling author

“I have a feeling Carroll’s tribute to the present [‘Now’ from Perfect Blue] could indeed end up being quite a gift to many, many people.”

Todd MacLeanThe Guardian

“…Carroll’s efforts wouldn’t have gone anywhere if he weren’t incredibly persistent, nor would his song have become an iTunes hit if he didn’t have an excellent country-pop voice (far nicer than that of many stars in the genre), an affable personality that enabled him to declare image war on a publicly-traded company without seeming to harbour one ounce of bitterness, and a gift for writing a catchy chorus that, God willing, United employees will be hearing people hum until somebody finally invents teleportation. Both United Breaks Guitars and its sequel are much less contrived, and much more listenable, than you might expect if you haven’t heard them…”

Colby CashNational Post

“…The good news is the song is still king, and Carroll is working very hard at showing he can continue to pen solid material. And folks he’s well on his way…The major to minor chord changes and falsetto vocals Carroll brings to “Great Divide” are out and out gorgeous…”

John EmmsThe Daily Press

“I’m writing about his story, because I think it’s a metaphor for what even a single individual who is in the right can do if he has conviction (and, in Dave’s case, a good sense of humor and fantastic songwriting skills). The results can change an entire industry, an entire nation, or the entire world.”

Gerry AshleyGrand Rants

“Perfect Blue is an amazing showcase of Dave Carroll’s vocal skills and writing talent. This release secures his place as one of the top singer/songwriters in the business.”

Jimmie InchExecutive Producer/Host, East Coast Countdown

Dave Carroll is an ideal performer. His international exposure allows him to sell out a show. His song writing and singing are top-notch. But his down-to-earth personality is what makes the show memorable. His willingness to talk to the audience members, not only during the performance, but during intermission and after the show helps to make a bond. He engages with people at more than a surface level, validating his message that he really does appreciate their support. He connects with the audience through his performance and through the words of his songs and stories – moving them from tears to laughter to spontaneous sing-alongs. On top of that, he’s a wonderfully low-maintenance guy to present.”

Mary Kikuchi

“When Dave Carroll stepped on stage, the room went quiet. Dave’s stage presence combined with his soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics and compelling stories, captures an audience, taking them on a journey through joy, love, reminiscence and pain, pulling on every emotion from laughter to tears. When the show is over, people shout for more – they just can’t get enough. And nor can we…as a venue owner, we found ourselves immediately pulling out the calendar for 2011 and begging for more dates. It was truly an honour to have such a professional and gifted performer on our nightclub stage.”

Carol Anne ForsgrenOwner of Vintage Bistro & Lounge, Hampton New Brunswick

“I want to give you lots of props for [United Breaks Guitars]. I’ve heard it several times and seen the YouTube video when it first came out. You’ve performed a valuable public service for all musicians who fly with their instruments. If there was a Woody Guthrie Award for functional story songs that called for action you’d win it hands down. It wasn’t just the song that won my admiration. It was your steadfast and relentless pursuit of justice and this song was a key part of it. For using your talent to right a grievous wrong, you’re a hero…”

John BrahenyAuthor of “The Craft and Business of Songwriting,” and judge in the Great American Song Contest

“Dave Carroll’s music has real potential in the AC market both in Canada and the United States.”

Don Grierson

“As a software company in a fast-moving market, our annual Business In Concert event gives us the opportunity to show how we’re different from our competitors.  Music plays an important part of this event, and Dave Carroll’s unique story plus his relevant and poignant original music moved our attendees to their feet, providing a standing ovation that was more than deserved.”

Glenn SeabergMarketing Director, FPX

“We thank you for such a wonderful evening and probably what Tim has said was his best birthday to date. We all thoroughly enjoyed not only your music, but the stories and your company.  It were as though you knew the entire family and friends. The time you spent in conversation with my mother in law, Tim’s mom, made quite an impression and her spirits have picked up today. The whole evening and spending time after your time was up was such a gift playing back and forth with Tim will be something he talks about for a very long time… Dave, everyone is still talking about you today and how you were so easy to get to know and interesting to have conversations. We had the best time!!!! Will have to think of new occasions to invite you back.”

Janice Ainsworth