NEW VIDEO: When The World Stops Ending | Dave Carroll

When The World Stops Ending

Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to reflect and work on some new music. In the process Jamie Robinson and I wrote a timely new song called When The World Stops Ending. We wrote the song over Zoom, recorded our parts in isolation and Josh Parlee edited the video from London. No one was ever in the same room together for this project.

At a time when people have been reviewing their priorities, renewing family relationships and seeing themselves in the faces of both loved ones and strangers, the purpose of this song is to encourage listeners to remember that everyone in the world has more in common with each other than they do not. I believe that hope, resilience and compassion are choices we continue to have at our disposal.

Thank you for continuing to support my habit of trying to improve the world with my music. I hope this song encourages and inspires you.

Written by Dave Carroll & Jamie Robinson
Director of Photography: Steve Richard
Editor: Josh Parlee

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