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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to update you on what has happened over the past month. First and foremost, in response to the devastating earth-quake in Haiti, like many people, I have felt compelled to do what I can to help with the relief efforts. To that end, I have performed in several fundraising events here in Nova Scotia, on my own and with Sons of Maxwell. We continue to keep the people of Haiti, and the rescue workers who have come to their aid, in our thoughts and prayers and encourage you to continue to do what you can to help as well. Assistance will be needed for a long time to come.

For those who have been patiently waiting, United Breaks Guitars: Song 3 (UBG 3) will wrap up the trilogy on March 2nd. This latest video acknowledges that my unfortunate experience with United has given my career an unexpected lift, and that I wish United well with the changes that they say are coming, but that many people continue to face their own customer service nightmares. Catchy lyrics are delivered in a high energy, bluegrass tune featuring a premiere Canadian musician on fiddle and mandolin and a surprise dobro solo from a high profile Nashville recording artist. My friends at Curve Productions have, once again, created an outstanding video featuring role reprisals from some of your favourite UBG ensemble cast – back one last time for a simply hilarious finale. Not since Rocky 6 has there be so much anticipation surrounding a sequel and the official countdown clock has started!

Due to the overwhelming amount of email I have received from all of you sharing your own customer service mishaps, I will also be launching new websites that will focus on bringing together both customers and companies interested in better customer experiences in all industries, everywhere. Stay tuned for more on this and other cool stuff to come over the weeks leading up to the release of UBG 3.

I was honoured to be invited to appear on ABC’s ‘The View,’ alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd on January 14th. The ladies and I talked about the UBG trilogy, what has happened to me since its release and the reaction around the world. They featured Songs 1 & 2 and I performed an excerpt from Song 2 live from the couch of The View with my Taylor Guitar. I was thrilled to be a guest on the show and glad there were familiar faces in the studio that day. If you missed the show, you can view clips from the interview at:

Good news fans in Europe! I am excited to let you know that from February 23rd through 27th, 2010, I will be making my first trip to the “homeland” as part of a 5 performance tour of Ireland with fellow songwriters Christina Martin, Dave Gunning and Terry Penney. We will be visiting the Bronte Music Club, the Belfast Nashville Festival, McGrory’s in Donegal and the Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre in Dublin. You can check out details for these and all upcoming shows and appearances:

Last, but not least, I am up for 2 East Coast Music Association (ECMA) Fans Choice Awards. You can now vote for United Breaks Guitars as the 2010 ECMA Fan’s Choice Video: as well as Dave Carroll for the 2010 ECMA Fan’s Choice Favourite Artist Voting will be open until the awards show on March 7th in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Thanks for your interest and support.


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