helping a fellow firefighter

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I was a volunteer firefighter for 6 years . this happened while living with my boyfriend ronnie who was also a volunteer fire fighter and his uncle george, an older gentleman in his late 60s . My boyfriend had left for work one morning and not long after his uncle fell down a flight of stairs,I caught him at the bottom of the steps ,he was unconscious ,I ran to the phone and called 911 and they helped me stay calm and notified me that the fire dept was on the way ,my fire dept ,my brothers were on the way to help me.I was afraid to move george , because I didnt know if he had internal injuries ,but he came to and tried to walk around I got him to lay down and as I was trying to calm him I could hear the sirens of the fire dept on the way ,that was the best sound I had ever heard .they arrived and checked george and helped to keep him calm till the ambulance came. george had a potasium defiency and he lost his balance on the stairs ,his body was black and blue and he had to stay in the hospital for two or three days ,and returned home. I am now retired and at the sound of a fire truck siren ,my heart speeds up and and I want to answer the call .I miss it very much. The name of the fire dept was CLARKS HARBOUR VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. (CLARKS HARBOUR , CAPE SABLE ISLAND SHELURNE COUNTY NOVA SCOTIA)They have now amalgamated to ISLAND AND BARRINGTON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT.

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