Christmas Eve 2012

Name of Hero: Mike “Chip” Chiapperini, Tomasz Kaczowka, Ted Scardino, and Joe Hofstetter

Hero City: Webster, NY

Submitted by: Nicki Ditch

On Christmas Eve of 2012, the West Webster Fire District was called to the scene of a car fire with exposure to the home.

Firefighter Joe Hofstetter responded to the scene in his personal vehicle. Firefighters Mike “Chip” Chiapperini and Ted Scardino arrived to the scene in the first-due fire truck and Firefighter Tomasz Kaczowka arrived in a squad car. These four volunteer firefighters answered a call to duty on Christmas Eve and all four were shot when they arrived on scene by a man who intentionally set the fire then laid in wait behind an earthen berm.

Ted and Joe were seriously wounded and Chip and Tomasz were killed, paying the ultimate sacrifice. A year later, the community is still deeply mourning our tragic loss of our brothers Chip and Tomasz and are so thankful for Ted and Joe’s recovery. Thank you so much for this beautiful song and video that portrays the heroic work emergency first responders do. May God richly bless you.

Veins of Fire

Name of Hero: Scott Ramsey

Hero City: Trinidad, TX

Submitted by: AOTC Crew

We just wanted to take a second and tell you about a minister, volunteer firefighter, cancer survivor and best friend to many! And even dad figure to many teens.
Scott is 27 years old and started ministry at 17 and by age 20 owner of Army of the CROSS ministry. He helps teens in there hardship walk of this world and has been a father figure to us all who don’t have one!
Now on to volunteer firefighter; Scott joined the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department right out of high school in 2005. See he has been a firefighter and medical to many and even teaches us cpr and first aid to keep others safe! We have seen him inter house fires, cut people out of cars and heard stories of leaving many parties to help the ones in need.
But see, we called this Veins of Fire not just because he has a heart to serve but because in 2010 our best friend was diagnosed with a type of leukemia in his blood. Even after diagnosis and being told the cancer is incurablehe continued to keep other first in his life. With the chemo and all the pain he fights he continued to be there for us teens and for the fire department.

Today he continues to fight the fight of cancer years into it and is strong member of TVFD and minister to all, so let us just say thanks for all you do!


Car Jack Avoided

Name of Hero: Gregory Patrick

Hero City: Memphis, TN

Submitted by: Mary McKim

Several years before he became a Memphis Police Officer, Gregory Patrick was a college student and part-time martial arts instructor. On his way home one afternoon he saw a woman from Germantown being car jacked right in front of him.

The car jacker was armed and scared because he was running from the scene of a crime one short block away. While the would-be car jacker got the car, Greg was able to talk the car jacker into letting Greg get the woman out of the car and keep her safe. The car-jacker got away with the car, which was later recovered in another state but a nice senior citizen (the woman) was saved from what was shaping up to be a very dire and dangerous situation. She was protected all because Greg came to her rescue.

Greg made a conscious choice to stop the violence and defuse the situation and was able to talk the guy down and make the rescue without placing others at risk. He was amazing and deserves to be recognized. You can contact him through the Memphis Police Department. He and his wife have four (4) children and several grandchildren. Fine people and strong members of the community. Please give them recognition. They deserve it.

The Day that Time Stopped

Name of Hero: Steven

Hero City: Pampa

Submitted by: Erica

My husband has been in law enforcement for 15 years. And being in this line of work you never know if they are coming home to you or what will happen. On this one particular day he was working night shift and was called out to a fight. When he arrived on scene he was informed that is was actually an argument between spouses. He had asked the husband to step out of the house and the next thing you know the man had walked away back into the house and ended up getting a gun. The man was able to get a shot off at my husband and he was hit in chest. Thank GOD for the bullet proof vest that they have to wear. My husband was also hit in the right hip just below his duty belt. The other man was also hit by return fire from my husband. I was one of the EMT’s on call that night and ended up having to care for the man who shot my husband. The only way I was able to do that was through the shear strength of my husband. He told me he was fine and that the other man needed help worse than he did. So my husband was left in the hands of others. So by his words and the grace of GOD I was able to keep working. That night when I heard his words over the radio of “shots fired, I’m hit” my world came to a stop. He is now fine and recovered but life is still too precious to know what will happen. He has continued in the same line of work and for that I am very proud.

One Gave All

Hero City: Howell

Submitted by: Lucas VanWoert

We were responding to a call at a high school. we are the local Fire Department, while on scene two trucks were able to hold the fire at bay, but we still needed to evacuate the building. since two trucks (about 13 men) had it under control, the other units (including myself) responded to other calls on this busy night. One of our Lieutenants was the last to walk out of the building, on his way out, part of the ceiling caved in on his head. our paramedic responders couldnt get to him in time. the call came out Wednesday, September 11, 2013 @ 17:15 (9/11/2013 5:15pm). He lived and died a hero. The date claimed another great man

The day that started it all

Name of Hero: Bothell Fire and EMS

Hero City: Bothell, WA

Submitted by: Kelly

Since my full time job was “taxi mom” in May of 2008, I was driving a friend of my daughter’s home. Unfortunately a 19 year old was racing another car and we both pick the same spot to be in at the same time. Since he was going almost double the speed limit and I was making a much slower than the speed limit left turn in front of him, the front end of his car plowed into the door 6″ to my left.

Thank God my daughter wasn’t with us and her friend only broke her ankle. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Bothell Fire & EMS showed up and pulled out my barely alive body then kept it alive until they got me to the ER.

About year later my family threw a thank you party for everyone that surrounded our family with support to get us through that year. Some of the amazing people that saved my life came to that party!

A couple of us asked them how they got me out of my van, and when I heard what they had to do, I realized just how amazing these people are.

This is a video of that party with some of the heroes from Bothell Fire & EMS, and the van they found and had to get me out of is at the beginning:

Firefighter Blood In His Veins!

Name of Hero: Timothy (Tim)

Hero City: Wiggins

Submitted by: Kerrie

Tim is a hard working man who has devoted his time and strength to protecting his community. He is a volunteer firefighter and has made more calls than half the other volunteers.

He is willing to get up at one in the morning and go on a call. He has performed extraction by himself before and has received several different awards. He has been a volunteer firefighter for three years going on four in August. He has helped out the surrounding fire departments when they needed assistance.

Tim wants to be part of the Smoke jumper team someday. I know there are several people that risk their lives everyday; EMTs, Soilders, firefighters, and police people and I truly appreciate everything they do but I love Tim and I want to honor him and everything he has done for the community and everything he stands for! I love you babe and I know I don’t always say it but thank you! 🙂

My daddy is my hero

Name of Hero: Ryan Moore

Hero City: LaSalle Ontario

Submitted by: Mackenzie Moore

My Daddy is a firefighter and he’s also my hero.

There was a fire in the forest on the edge of our street. Someone had been high and had lit an old log on fire. It was spreading.

My neighbor had ran to our door and started knocking. My mom answered and my neighbor began saying that the forest had caught fire.

I was scared as I ran outside and followed her to the site. My mom called my dad and soon the fire dept was there. My dad is one of the bravest men I have ever met and I am very proud of him. He has served as a fire fighter since I can remember. He deserves to be recognized for his heroism and bravery. He means the world to me and he protects not only us but all the people in our town. I love you Daddy. <3

The local heros

Name of Hero: LaSalle Police, EMS And fire station

Hero City: LaSalle, On

Submitted by: Mackenzie

The men and women of the LaSalle Police, EMS And Fire Department are the most bravest, caring and selfless people I know.

To my boys at The Fire Dept, thank you so much for putting it all on the line to keep us safe. I mean you too Daddy.

To the Police, thank you for always knowing what to do, for responding to calls no matter what and for never ever giving up.

To the EMS, thank you for always getting there at the right time and for being there to save a life.

These people are the ones I’m proud to say I know. And I’m glad they are the ones protecting my town and my family.

I’m especially proud of my father, training officer and full time firefighter. Thank you all of you for guaranteeing our safety and for keeping us safe.

– Kenzie M

My hero’s

Name of Hero: Hammonds Plains Volunteer Fire Department

Hero City: Hammonds Plains

Submitted by: Anne marie

Our local fire department is my hero.

I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder and was having constant attacks.

I had no idea, I thought they were heart attacks. Whenever I called for help my boys were the first to arrive and reassure me that everything was gonna be fine. They are always ready to help me.