My Hero, My Son

Submitted by: Georgine Stewart-Malone

My son Kyle was a sickly child. In and out of hospitals for much of his very young life. No matter what ailed him he would always have a smile on his face and any one who came in contact with him walked away smiling. When Kyle was 2 years old his father who was a volunteer firefighter and a steel worker was seriously injured on the job. If it wasn’t for the kindness and compassion of the volunteer fire department I don’t know how we would of survived. Twice 911 was dispatched to our home and Kyle’s father was cared for and transported to hospital. I remember so often Kyle saying when he grew up he wanted to take care of people. He was always the first to look and help someone or something hurt or injured. During high school he co-oped for the Fire Department. He had a sincerity around him at such a young age that you felt like he knew exactly what to do. As Kyle was finishing up High School he decided to become a Nurse and finished his exams 1 week before his wedding. He practiced nursing for a few years and decided he wanted to become a Paramedic. Kyle’s son was born premature and weighed a little over 3 pounds. Kyle continued on with his studies. I watched my son (who they call the gentle giant) care for and stimulate this preemie baby while continuing to work looking after sick people. By the time Kyle’s son was 2 years old he went to school at night and on weekends to complete the Paramedic Course. He graduated and got hired as a Paramedic part-time. He continues to work full-time as a Surgical Floor Nurse and had a second addition to the family came soon after he graduated. Last year while at our summer home, I suffered a stroke. My son the Nurse/Paramedic was there by my side on scene before the Ambulance arrived and tending to my needs. He had told me his worse nightmare was to be called and it be a family member but he seemed to be able to turn off the relationship and do what was needed for me. As long as I live I will never forget the compassion and love in his eyes for me as they took me to hospital. Watching over me and showing me with his eyes I would be okay. This past Spring Kyle became a First Responder Volunteer Firefighter. He had only been with the department a few weeks when a terrible accident with a motorcycle and a van happened in front of my home. My husband yelled to me to call 911 then to call Kyle. Kyle only lives a short distance from our home and by the time I called 911 and was ready to dial his number I saw him come running down the street and fling his body down on the ground and over top of the badly injured man. I watched my son take control of the situation, the whole time comforting this injured man. I had tears of admiration and pride in watching my son work on a complete stranger and comfort him and assess him. There are no real words to express the gratitude to these wonderful human beings that care for us. They have families and responsibilities like the rest of us but have a smile and compassion on their faces when we need them. They must go home after seeing the most horrific things anyone could imagine and face and try to resume a “normal” life. I see the excitement in his face when the “tones” go off to a First Responder call as a Volunteer and hold him in my arms when it was a terrible situation. Thank you my Hero, My son for being a part of First Responders and know that the good you are doing will not go unoticed. A very proud Mother of her Nurse/Paramedic/Volunteer Firefighter

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  1. Susan Carson says:

    As I read the article on Kyle in our local paper, I realized I knew this special man also. Kyle was my mothers favorite caregiver in Kelso Pines Nursing home six years ago. She suffered with alzheimers and would become quite aggitated in different situations. Kyle had a upbeat way about him that would bring a smile to her face, she would call him her boyfriend haha. He would not hesitate to give me a call to let me know when my mother was upset, saying “if it was his mom he would want to be there”. I shared these same feelings and appreciated him taking that extra care. I never would worry about my mothers care when Kyle was on duty. Kyle your warmth and compassion makes this world a better place for many people.
    Sincerly, Susan Carson

  2. Pat O'Connor says:

    Beautifully written and so deserving of recognition and appreciation. Have a wonderful time on your trip Kyle..with the Sons of Maxwell. Congratulations!!


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