The Fiance, My Hero

Submitted by: Vikki

This is the story about my fiance, my hero. His name is Shaun and he is a Paramedic and a Volunteer Fire Fighter. One night while sitting down with some friends for a friendly game of poker his fire dept pager alerted him to a medical emergency for a 50 year old male that was in cardiac arrest just around the corner at the local church. He immediately jumped from his chair and raced to the scene which was only seconds away. When he arrived he found the gentlemen lying lifeless on the ground in the church hall. Shaun immediately started CPR while waiting for fellow firefighters and the ambulance to arrive. The CPR had worked and the male started breathing again on his own prior to the ambulance arriving. Shaun accompanied the man in the ambulance to assist the ambulance crew for the trip to the local ER. 1 week later after going to check on his condition in the ICU while on shift, Shaun was able to meet the family of the man who introduced him to the man whos life he saved. They were able to exchange hand shakes and tears as the man said “Thank you for saving my life” They remain friends to this day.

This is the story of my hero.

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