My Best Friend

Submitted by: Blake Balsillie

My best friend is actually my ex-fiancee. Her name is Julie and she is the most giving person I have ever met. Currently she is deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan. There she goes on patrols outside the wire as she leads her team to find projects to help the local infrastructure. Her job then is to hire, pay, and supervise the local contractors and provide for their security. She has been there for 7 months now and will hopefully be back soon. Now, I know this is for 1st responders so that was just to let you know what this woman does in her spare time. Her full time job is as a paramedic in Pembroke, Ontario. She does the same things every other paramedic does so I won’t go into that. Julie has taken on the responsibility of ordering and organizing all of the supplies for the service that she works for. This often means going in on her days off in order to keep up with all of the demands. She is also the secretary of her union local and has been a big help in the negotiations that they were going through prior to her deploying. I know this Christmas will find her again asking for other helpers to help in the Santa Claus Parade that she is always involved in. She is the 1st one to help strangers or loved ones, asking nothing in return but a smile. The biggest reason for all this is because last winter we had a trip planned to the tropics but my Mom got sick. We canceled our plans and flew to Calgary. For the next 2 weeks Julie was able to make my Mom feel better about her illness, made the house ready for her return, and ensured that everything was set up for her care once we left. She did all this knowing that our relationship was changing but this is what she does for people she know. Julie, you will never know what that meant to us that don’t know the medical system. Thank you. And thank you that took time to read about my best friend.

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  1. A friend says:

    Mr Balsillie,

    You are a lucky man and a happy one… maybe you don’t really feel as being one but believe me you are… One of the strongest values in our small world is friendship. Friendship is this pure love where no possession, jealousy exists… deception come into friendship to make it even stronger as human nature is not perfect and we all deceive someone during our life.
    The relationship between Julie and yourself is not a finished one but a new one. Life is a permanent movement, a breath, and it is changing every day. Change, birth and dead are the sense of it but real friends they are forever no matter the changes.
    So tell me how can I not consider you as lucky one?
    I hope that your mother is getting better.
    Remember life is simple…just live it.

    A good friend of yours

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