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Submitted byGraham Johnston

I caught your excellent show at the deCoste Centre in Pictou, Nova Scotia last night and your 911 Song touched a nerve. It had special meaning for me. I lost a teen brother, two young sons, and all three of my baby grandchildren in three separate highway crashes, none of whom made it alive from the scene to the hospital.

There were no family or friends with them in their final moments on the highway; no one familiar to reassure and comfort them. So I like to think that maybe, in their final moments, some found comfort in a friendly face, perhaps a gentle touch or reassuring words from a first responder.

Thank you for a very moving song saluting first responders- those nameless, faceless unsung heroes and angels such as 911 dispatchers, police, ambulance, and firefighters (especially volunteers). Let’s not forget the physicians and nurses who work their magic in hospital Emerg / ICU / CCU units who, all too often, are among those we take for granted in times of tragedy and crisis.

Please don’t enter me in the contest, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for the great song, and to personally pay a long-overdue tribute to all those who are there when we need them in times of crisis.

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