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It was on a Saturday night in 1993 my husband, myself and our friends were out at a local restaurant for the evening. It was about 1:00 am and the 4 of us decided to leave and go home. I was the driver, my husband Dave (who at the time was a police officer with the Timmins police now with the O.P.P.) was in the passenger seat, friends Murray and Shelley Mcgee (Murray also and still a Timmins police officer) were in the back seat.

I was driving up Airport Road when someone at the side of the road was waiving frantically to stop us. I didn’t see what was going on so I kept driving when me husband yelled “stop the car somethings wrong.” I pulled to the side and they said “someone is laying on the road.” When they starting walking towards her, they noticed what looked like water on the road running down, they quickly realized it was blood and screamed at me to call 911.

What we had actually come upon was a pedestrian and a motorcycle accident. When Dave and Murray approached the pedestrian it will easy to see that her leg had been severed below the knee and Dave, wearing his favorite Montreal canadian t-shirt quickly removed it and he and Murray administered a tornique to stop the bleeding. The doctors report on call that evening stated the “actions taken by Const. Martin and Const. Mcgee in regards to the injuries and the speed and manner in which they applied the tourniquet and first aid saved the life of the pedestrian as she would have bleed to death.” One stayed with her and the other helped the motorcycle victim he had a broken tibia and fibia.

When the ambulance arrived the 2 patients were so critical that Murray drove the ambulance and Dave helped the parmedics stablize the accident victims. After many hours at the hospital and several more at the office writing reports they were able to go home. They were both awared for their action and dedication a commendation for the “most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem signed by the president and the provincial commisioner, Ontario Counsel.

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  1. Judie Harmer says:

    The words and the pictures of these brave officers and the terrible situations they sometimes encounter wrenches my heart..they not only deal with the violence but with the pain and suffering of the victims and of themselves when it is over….remember, it is really never over for firefighters, police officers, emergency personnel…there is, unfortunately what tomorrow brings…

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