Daddy’s girl

Submitted by: Tom Berggren

I am a fire chief 35 years paid, my story is about my daughter Rachael who at age 23 has already rose to the rank of dispatch supervisor, trainer, is considered the best at her job by all. She has earned a firefighter1 and 2 state certification, EMT-basic and about to complete her associate degree in fire technology. She has dedicated her brief career of 3 years to become a role model to other young people especially females. She has taken a lot of flack from people who said she couldn’t achieve the remarkable levels of excellence in the fire service she has. I think her dedication to her job as a dispatcher and as a volunteer firefighter, should be recognized. She has achieved all this on her own without any help from me as she works in another parish on the other side of the lake. She is definetely an inspiration to all young people as to what you can achieve if you work hard enough.

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