When He Doesn’t Know He’s a Hero.

Submitted by: Lynda Lackey

My husband Chris has been a paramedic for 10years. Since the first day he started working in his field, his passion for helping people and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives has been obvious. I could tell you a hero story of how he saved a life or stepped in to help someone in need but the thing is, he wouldn’t want me to. Chris is a humble man; one who doesn’t need recognition for what he does to know that he is making a different in people’s lives. It takes a special person to be able to walk into a scene of an accident and see some things that most people shouldn’t have to see in their lifetime, to get someone’s heart beating again after it has stopped, to help an elderly person how has fallen out of bed or simply listen to someone with mental illness who is feeling lost and confused. It takes a special person to be able to do all this and still come home to his family and live life as if what he did is “just in a days’ work”. His passion for his field has now developed into a second career as a part time teacher at the local college where is now guiding students to do what he is so passionate about. Although he saves lives, and at times puts his own life at risk, he does not consider himself a hero. He’s simply a father and husband with a really cool job.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Couldn’t have picked a better profession. He is a natural. Paramedics are a beakon of safety that puts you at ease when they are there at your side. You feel safe that they are there to take over and you let them. Strong,kind and compassionate.

  2. Jen says:

    I love that they posted our stories together. They don’t think they are heroes but they never understand the impact they have on those that they save.

  3. Lise lysight says:

    When Jack had his heart attack I was so glad to see the paramedic at my door .I trust that they did everything to help him and me the crazy womwen with a broken heart . They guided me to call my children and friend . You have a hard job Chris and we need people like you . Tante Lise xxx

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