My brothers

Name of Hero: Tim & Steve McFadden

Hero City: Paden City

Submitted by: Lori Lasure

My dad will always be my hero but then so are my two brothers. I have always looked up to them.

They hear the fire tones go off and they are on there way no matter what it is. They risk there lives everytime they leave to go on a call but that is who they are .

I am so proud to be there lil sister. People don’t understand what all these Heros go though on a daily basis, they change people’s lives everyday and the people’s lives they save change theirs also. It takes a strong person to do what they do and I am PROUD to say my brothers are VOL .Fire Fighters. I could tell alot of stories about them I could go on all day long. In my eyes they are my true HERO’S for just risking their lives for others!!!!!!!!!!

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