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Consumers are increasingly expressing their customer service dissatisfaction online in unrestrained and negative ways, often resulting in unfair brand or reputation damage. Gripevine offers a civilized environment where your company can proactively engage with your customers in public without fear of being sullied by brand-damaging profanities or obscenities. We encourage customers to seek resolution through proper gripe etiquette… here for more on what Gripevine can offer your business.

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  1. steve groves says:

    Hi, Like you Dave, I’m being kinda shafted by the Hydro Company who screwed up my billing by withdrawing from my neighbors account, even though I did give them all of my information.

    Long story short I owe $4,871.82 … due in 8 days!

    Well, like you I am a musician, and wrote my story in a blues rhumba style. I’d like to discuss how I might get this song out. I think I need a video to o along with it. I’d like you to hear the song, how might I send it to you in mp3…

    Good luck, and all the best,

    Steve Groves

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