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Customer service start-up launches to help consumers resolve situations with companies

After United Airlines broke musician Dave Carroll’s guitar, he turned a bad situation into a good one. He wrote a song. It went so viral that United couldn’t help but see it and respond. He’s now made a career out of consumer advocacy.

The incident inspired Carroll and his co-founders to create the website Gripevine. Even if you can’t write a song, this site will help you get a response from companies you feel have wronged you.

Once you sign up, you can plant public gripes and invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to support you. You can explain your situation, even upload pictures, documents and YouTube videos to back it up.

Then Gripevine will take it from there. They’ll make sure your complaint gets to the right people, those who have the power to resolve the situation.

And when a company gets back to you, you can rate them.

Everyone has a story like Carroll. Now there’s a designated social platform for consumers to be heard.

(From our friends at CW33 News – Erin Harris)

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  1. Susanne MacKillop says:

    I have a gripe with Expedia. Booked a hotel in South Beach using their blink booking tool (you dont see the hoel name first but book and pay within an ability to make a change). The hotel I booked for a South Beach Miami business trip was located on an island off the causeway. A straight from a South Beach location indeed! Also once I arrived the hotel didn’t even have my reservation – and I arrived at Midnight. Now when I try to leave a complaint on the Expedia site my comments are rejected and they will not publish my comments. Shame on you Expedia….I wrote a complaint to Expedia directly and received the standard automated responce. STOP using Expedia….book directly the airlines and hotels are very competitive and you will be assured better service and an ability to ensure your bookings are confirmed. You will even have better service to make changes, get upgrades etc.

  2. johanna says:

    Hi P Eckl,

    How are you looking to become involved in Gripevine? Are you looking to plant a gripe about a customer service issue that you have?

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