Hayhouse to Publish Book about Dave Carroll's United Breaks Guitars

(Halifax, NS) Dave Carroll is proud to announce an agreement between himself and California based Hay House Publishing to share his United Breaks Guitars Story in print.

Says Dave: “I’m very excited to be working with Hay House and have been a fan of several of their authors for some time. They appreciate the depth of the United Breaks Guitars story and are eager to share all of its many aspects with people around the world. The best part is that this book will be an innovative distribution vehicle for my music as I’m going to be including several downloadable songs as part of the package and introduce the story of ‘who I am’ as an artist. The book will allow me to give context to each song in a meaningful way.”

The book, “United Breaks Guitars: The Power of one Voice in the Age of Social Media,”  scheduled to be released in May 2012, will take readers through the events that lead Dave from an unfortunate baggage incident with United Airlines to a Capitol Hill hearing room in Washington and around the world as a highly sought after keynote speaker.

Hundreds of interviews later, and after millions of online references about this ground breaking video in the worlds of customer service, branding, social media and self-empowerment Dave’s book will be the only comprehensive examination of the story, told first hand. How the story continues to unfold will also be explored.

Hay House is one of the worlds most respected publishing houses, best known for New Thought and Self-Empowerment works. Dave is a first time author who will be writing the manuscript himself and spending the rest of the summer completing what has been in development for several months.

Visit www.davecarrollmusic.com and www.hayhouse.com for more information.

Media Contact: Dave Carroll Music: (902) 860-0080 (Office)

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  1. Danny Oia says:

    Hi Dave. I read your article after the scandal of United Airlines recently. Where can I find your book?

  2. Raul S. Wallace says:

    The two guitars I brought were both valued high-end instruments that I had owned for quite some time. One was an Ovation Elite, and the other a Taylor 710ce. It was the latter that would end up being the focus of all the attention in this story.

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