My Dad My Everyday Hero

Name of Hero: Harold

Hero City: Maybrook

Submitted by: Melissa

“Everyday Heroes”, the song and video talk about the life I had growing up. My dad was a part time police officer and a volunteer firefighter. I spent many nights listening to the scanner to make sure Daddy was ok while on a call.

The scene with the man threatening to shoot his wife [in the Everyday Heroes video], reminds me of the night I sat listening to Daddy responding to a fight at the local bar. Mom and I heard Daddy get sent to the fight, we heard Daddy say they had arrived, a few minutes later another officer’s voice came across with the code for officer down, then he said to call the coroner, and then he told the dispatcher to land-line our house.

When the phone rang Mom just sat there looking like she was going to pass out, I was already heading down the hall to wake my brother and sister when I heard Mom saying to tell Daddy she was glad he was ok. It turns out his partner was the one who was killed, Daddy always felt bad because his partner was just a little faster and got in the door first so he was the who was stabbed.

The video shows what the first responders do when they are called and how much they put themselves in danger to keep their promise to protect the citizens of their village/town/city. People don’t always realize that fire fighters and police officers do their jobs with very little thanks.

I remember seeing Daddy come home from fighting a fire all night, and instead of getting some sleep he was only home long enough to shower and get dressed before heading out to his day job. No matter how tired he was he always went when the fire horn blew.

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