Timmins #9

Name of Hero: All firefighters and first responders at this fire

Hero City: Timmins and area, British Columbia and more

Submitted by: Sybil Diana

The Timmins #9 fire is the largest burning forest fire in Canada at this time. All of the combined firefighters from our area and out of province have been battling this fiery monster for a full week now. They have saved over 200 structures at various camp sites and kept our city of Timmins safe.

(((((HUGS)))) to all firefighters and first responders!!!! They have been working long hours under extreme conditions trying to get a handle on this vicious fire. High temperatures and high winds have been hampering their progress everyday up until this weekend when the wind finally changed and the temperature dropped. There is no telling what kind of destruction we would be facing if it weren’t for all the dedicated people out their right now risking their lives to save ours.

There aren’t enough words to show how much they are appreciated!!!

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