Wesley’s Firefighters

Hero City: Bartlett

Submitted by: Josh

I’m a firefighter with the Wesley Township Volunteer Fire Department.

We don’t get a lot of thank yous or pats on the back, but it always makes us proud to serve and protect our community when we hear songs about fire-fighters.

We don’t risk it all everyday because we have to and we don’t get paid either. We do it because this what we love and will do until we can’t anymore.

So from all of us at the Wesley Fire Department, thanks for your support.

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Just watched the video of Everyday Heroes and then read your story…just want to say thank-you for having the heart to want to do this job. I’ve always admired people like you who take these risks on their own life for the sake of others. You are definitely a rare breed and I hope the young people coming up in the world will continue to follow your brave example. My uncle was a policeman in Sydney, NS and he used to share stories with me when I was a kid and I looked up to him and loved him so much. He was my everyday hero. Thanks for sharing.:0)

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