Help when needed

Name of Hero: Station 1

Hero City: Grayson

Submitted by: Nikki Stone

Well the story is about my dad. He has high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat and a bad knee.

Our next city over had a structure fire at 4:00 in the morning there were 6 stations there (all volunteer) it was a carpet factory. He was to go in. He did. After he had done his duties, he filled out the paperwork.

When he got home, we were going to rent movies and he had a seziure like spell. He fell. I saw him through it all. Luckily, we were next to our station so I ran over and got the guys I have known for 5 years, to tell them that my dad the beloved Sergeant needs help… He was put in the hospital for a week.

Afterwards he wasn’t allowed to go on any calls, but he was at the station cleaning, cooking and making sure everything was running for the next calls he could make. Now he is over a truck and becoming chief. I couldn’t single out just one person out of the departmnt because they mean so much to me…

Firehouse Kid