Timmy’s Legacy

Name of Hero: Tim Lindner

Hero City: Darlington

Submitted by: Marissa

Being in the fire service for a short 6 years has been monumental.

But a man who had really changed my life, has now passed on. Timmy was Chief of my volunteer department way before my time and had been in the service for 49 years, 32 in DTVFD.

As I joined as a junior (3 yrs), Tim was appointed as my probationary mentor. Being a female in the service was rough, but Tim truely took this mentorhip to the next level. He took me under his wing in the fire service and life. He treated me like his very own grandchild, bluntly honest and lovingly worried.

Tim passed 3 months ago from a heart attack off duty. He didn’t get half the recognization he deserved due to being off duty. And what a shame that will always be.

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