The Day that Time Stopped

Name of Hero: Steven

Hero City: Pampa

Submitted by: Erica

My husband has been in law enforcement for 15 years. And being in this line of work you never know if they are coming home to you or what will happen. On this one particular day he was working night shift and was called out to a fight. When he arrived on scene he was informed that is was actually an argument between spouses. He had asked the husband to step out of the house and the next thing you know the man had walked away back into the house and ended up getting a gun. The man was able to get a shot off at my husband and he was hit in chest. Thank GOD for the bullet proof vest that they have to wear. My husband was also hit in the right hip just below his duty belt. The other man was also hit by return fire from my husband. I was one of the EMT’s on call that night and ended up having to care for the man who shot my husband. The only way I was able to do that was through the shear strength of my husband. He told me he was fine and that the other man needed help worse than he did. So my husband was left in the hands of others. So by his words and the grace of GOD I was able to keep working. That night when I heard his words over the radio of “shots fired, I’m hit” my world came to a stop. He is now fine and recovered but life is still too precious to know what will happen. He has continued in the same line of work and for that I am very proud.