An Accident that changed our lives forever….

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A few years back, a family member was involved in a serious car accident that changed our lives forever. If it weren’t for the actions of the paramedics that arrived at the scene first, and the air ambulance medics that took great care of our family member, she wouldn’t be here with us today. It is because of their dedication to helping complete strangers that made a difference.
My husband, a paramedic with more than 20 years experience, was called into work a shift that day and was not able. Had he been at work that day, he would have been the first vehicle dispatched to the scene. Instead it was his paramedic “brothers and sisters” that we have to thank. Somehow we always forget to mention the paramedics and their efforts. While I realize that most firefighters are also paramedics, the medics are always forgotten heroes.
This video/song is amazing and deserves many many kudos. To all the 911 people out there, whether you are a dispatcher, police officer, firefighter, or medic……. thank you for everything you do!!!!! You are all true heroes in my world.

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