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Hi Dave,

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to write a great song about 911 and the first responders. I myself, have been a volunteer Firefighter for 15 years with a small Volunteer Fire Department in Pomquet, Nova Scotia…Have been a Paramedic for 6 years with Emergency Health Services, Nova Scotia and a casual medical dispatcher for 911 for the past 1 year here in Halifax. In doing all of this, I have never saw myself as a ”Hero”. I have always just done what I could to help my community in any way I could…it is what I had been taught as a young man and I think that is most of the mindset of our men and women who do these jobs…with absolute pride and honour.

The question always arises to me from people asking, ”Why is it when everyone else is running from the blazing fire or dangerous situations…you men and women run in harms way?”. I have never really been able to answer this question, but to say what I believe (If I can save just one life…it was all worth it).

Every day as career / volunteers Firefighters men and women put on the uniform go in harms way to protect their communities, friends and above all that their family. They do this so that they can contribute to their communities in the best way they can.

In your video, Don shows exactly how terrible it can be sometimes when one of your own becomes a fallen Firefighter and do what needs to revive him/her. It is also true that when you are faced with these horrific situations, when the alarms ring for another call, you have to pick up and do it all over again without hessitation. It is what we are trained to do. I guess it took me in a different world by watching your video to realize what we do is SPECIAL and not many would do what we do…and that I guess is what humbles us! 🙂

Whether it be 15, 6 or 1 year…I still enjoy doing what I do and I am honored to see that you have taken time to write about us (First Responders) and thank you once again!!

God Bless the First Responders…

Brad Landry
Primary Care Paramedic (Nova Scotia)
Volunteer Fire Fighter (Nova Scotia)
911 Medical Dispatcher (Nova Scotia)

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