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I have been an OPP dispatcher for 18 years and this song is amazing and makes me proud to keep doing what I do everyday. We are on the end of the phone with callers we can not physically help, all we can do is listen and make sure these people know that help is on the way. When we send our officers to the most unpredicable call, we wait… we wait until their backup arrives or wait to hear their voice on the other end of the radio telling us that everything is OK.
Cst Vu PHam from Huron County is one of those men who gave his life to save a person he did not know, he was just doing a job he loved to do.
He was a husband, father and an officer everyone was proud to work with. I did not have the pleasure of meeting him, but I was his dispatcher on more than one occation.
When I think of the dispatchers from London, who were working the day he was shot and killed, my heart goes out to them and Vu’s family. I could not imagine how helpless and heartbroken they felt.
Every day all we hope is that all of our officers, fire fighters, paramedics and all first responders return home to their families safe and healthy, so they can continue doing what they love to do… help save lives.
I first heard your song last December in Timmins and I was brought to tears. Thank you.


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