Luck Bunny

Submitted byHaley Sellers

The summer of 2000, living in Cape Breton NS, I had just made two new friends and with my girl friends and these 2 new guys we all went to MacDonald’s. This became important for two reasons one was a little rabbit, who was called lucky bunny, and hung out like normal kids do ending the night with them walking me home I remember wave bye and taking lucky bunny before heading home. Second reason it the last I remember, can’t even remember going home and to bed that night.
The next time I woke up I was in a hospital with tubes hooked up to my body and unable to move or talk, a nurse stepped in saying “Morning sleep head” like I’d been awake before. Unable to talk due to tubes set to help me breath, so went on with no real clue as to what they were doing or where I was. Once I was allowed to speck I asked my mom where am I.
Turns out that the next day I had met up with my friend and went to the mall and on the way back I was hit by a van while crossing the road, thrown 60 feet, landed right on the back of my head, dislocated a shoulder, one lung colopse and one filled with fluid.
I don’t remember this day but so many people do and it was a life changing moment for my friends. I always try and find something funny out of a big issue and the funny part was that was the first time I got to Halifax and all I had to do was get hit by a van. No one thought I was going to live but our hospital down home, which doesn’t have much money, set me up to be flown to the IWK Hospital my father told me I had that flat line 5 times on the way there but they didn’t let 5 be my last number. Ended up in a coma for 7 days and unable to move for a month the doctors and nurses helped me learn the skills you grew up with again making sure I could read, eat, walk all on my own I was very grateful and knew I was in a hospital didn’t argue with anyone or send a meal back, even with all it patients they never made me feel alone. My head took most of the blow and now I see neurologist for seizers due to having a half dead brain cell in my left temple (I say it’s walkin the line) found out that I have dead cells in the back too. Funny because I can now say I am not totally brain dead just a bit in the back, still having that one on the left causing me to have seizers changing my whole life, my memory was weak and if I focused on something to hard it would set me in that bad state of mind. My teachers did best not to push as much as they would on every other student knowing what I could or couldn’t handle, we’d joke that it wouldn’t have happened if we had lucky bunny there, and without their help I’d never get to graduate with my classmates. I still have the little toy its a piece of the day I can’t remember but has hurt so many. But for every person who tells me I should be thanking god that I’m alive, I say no I thank the doctors and Nurse who took the time and went to medical school. Without these people and my teachers, I would’t be alive and happy with my high school sweet heart, I’ll always be grateful for that.

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