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I watched the video and was very moved. But where was EMS? First responders, emt’s, paramedics go into dangerous scenes daily and live up to a promise they made. EMS has always been the red haired step child of public service. It’s always “Fire and Police” responded to…They make little or no money and give their time and sometimes their lives to help others. Just thought you should know.
Christel Holcomb

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  1. Terri Pickering says:

    Hey Christel, Appreciate the sentiment behind the song/video, it would take too long to mention everyone. You know if your a hero he’s singing about, that’s what keeps you coming back to work everyday. I am not a first responder in the field, but I’m an ER nurse and I’m someones first responder in the ER when they drive in shot or stabbed or having a heart attack. We’re in harms way with psychotic and violent patients everyday. I feel although nurses weren’t specifically mentioned, that we’re included. The song/video is for everyone that is someones hero out of duty. We love our EMT’s. I’ve also been one since 1980! Stay safe out there. You know you’re a hero!

  2. dave says:

    Hi Christel,

    You’re the 2nd person to bring that up. I have been a volunteer Fire Fighter for 5 years and know the value of EMT’s bring to the system. They are not explicitly mentioned in the song lyrics (nor are the ER medical teams who accept patience in those critical minutes and hours). We did include EMT’s in the video though attending to the injured police officer to show their important involvement.

    When I wrote the song my goal was to show gratitude to first responders and looking back, maybe I should have mentioned EMT’s by name. For greatest impact in a 4 minute song I decided to focus on the two branches where the danger to one’s life is a very real possibility.

    That being said I am aware that EMT’s are injured and even killed in the line of duty themselves (9 in the Sept 11 tragedy for example and 1 in a hurricane that hit my city of Halifax a few years back).

    FYI I am donating a portion of the proceeds of the mp3 on 911Song.com to a charity called the Tema Conter Memorial Trust which helps members of all First Responder branches deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The charity was formed after an EMT developed symptoms after a horrific call to a crime scene.

    So thanks for bringing up a good point. We welcome on well thought out comments regarding the system and my video.


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