He became my friend and ‘brother’

Submitted by: Cathie Byrne

I actually met Gregg because another local officer asked him if he could help me with my car. I was a new single mom of four in a small town, just lost my father and divorced after moving there less than a year earlier. This policeman will be remembered, in my heart, and through a plaque with a picture of him and two other officers, wading across the main street during a large, devastating flood.

Despite it being in a rural town, he has been shot, along with another officer, pulled two kids and a father from raging rivers, climbed mountains to rescue ‘trapped’ kids who climbed to far and were afraid to come down, all when he was wearing a suit! Back on streets that he loves now. He has been awarded one or more of a very few medals of honor given by our police dept.

But in the last quarter of a century, it is his continued self of service when off the job that impacted my life in more ways than I can say. As I look back over the years at all he’s done for me and my family… well, he epitomizes why I went into law enforcement some 30 years ago, and it is no surprise I consider him my brother. Always there no matter what. Saving lives on and off duty, remaining true to the policeman’s oath of Serve and protect 24/7.

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