A Clear Head

Submitted by: Ruth Boncorddo

When my youngest son Daniel was 3 he had a seizure. I was alone at home with him and quickly dialed 911. Little did I know that my small town didn’t have 911. I had moved from Boston where 911 had been used for years.

I was so grateful to the operator that answered my call in another town and found out where I was to dispatch an ambulance and fire truck to my town. I was also grateful that Avon, the town I lived in at the time, had paramedics on duty and not just an on-call fire department.

The ambulance and fire department was at my house within minutes of my call even though it had to be transfered to a few different people.

I will be forever grateful. To all the people that helped out in my time of need. And for the quick thinking of the first person on the other line that had her wits about her.

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