Heros in my life

Submitted by: Susan Bonner

I have many Hero’s in my life, my story is one of great respect and admiration for all of them. From my oldest brother a Staff Sergeant on the Police Force, my Sister in law also a Sergeant, my Nephew a PC, and my Brother in law a Captain with the Fire Department and sadly a Fallen Firefighter. To know each time a call comes in they are risking their own lives to help others is one that many of us cannot understand.

I remember the day I gave my Brother a Police Angel Pin and made him promise to carry it with him while he was on the job, it gave me a sense of peace knowing he was, in around about way being watched over. I have listened to many of the situations they have been faced with and continue to face each and everyday, I am very proud!!

When my Brother in law passed away 3 yrs ago it was very humbling to see the Firefighters, Police and EMS in attendance and line the streets to honour one of their own! The respect they had for not only my Brother in law, who was their Captain, Friend and Brother, but for my Sister and Nephew was very much overwhelming, I never thought in my life I would be saying Good-Bye to one of my hero’s
Firefighters stand behind their belief that “Everyone Goes Home” I do believe my Brother in Law is now Home.

My respect and admiration also goes out to the spouces and children of the heros in my life, with my Sister topping the list! I believe it makes going home after their shifts are done a lot easier.

So whenever I see a Fire Truck or a Cruiser racing to a call I say a silent prayer for them, knowing they too are someone’s hero!

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