Importance of Fallen Firefighter Memorials

Submitted by: The Donahoe Family

This story is not really a voting story – just one that we felt needed to be shared.

I previously shared the story about my husband who was a Firefighter who died in the line of duty from an occupational disease. When it came time there were four memorials for fallen firefighters that we were invited to attend in honour of my husband and others.

Canadian Fallen Firefighters (CFFF) Memorial held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Memorial held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Tribute to the Fallen Memorial presented by the Premier of Ontario held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

OPFFA Fallen Firefighter Memorial held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

All of these memorials were truly spectacular and were so important to honour the fallen and equally as important for their families to see that there loved ones will not be forgotten.

I am so pleased to know that the Canadian Fallen Firefighters will now have a memorial erected where they also can honour and remember all of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty. I cannot express how much it means to my son and I to know that there will be a memorial erected with my husband’s name on signifying the recognition for the sacrifice he made.

Congratulations to the CFFF for their hard work and dedication! As one of the families of the fallen, we thank you!

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