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hey dave i love ur song…i live in ontario in canada and my heros r the fire dept. police and ems in my town……..i was in my apartment watching t.v when my bro came runnin in saying the guy who lives beside me apartment was on fire… going to be a firefighter ran out the door to see heavy smoke coming out the back door with a garden house runnin in side the door…then it hit me that the guy was in tehre trying to put out the fire. i ran down the stairs to the ground floor where his apartment was and just ran in following the garden house to find him. i found about 10 feet in side the door trying to put out the fire. i pulled him out and ran to teh front of the build just as the engine was arriving. the firefighters got off the truck and i helped pull the 1inch 3/4 attack line off and then drops to my knees and had a hard time breathing..even in the rush of the fire i had 2 firefihgters help me to my feet and take me to the amblance. a couple days later the engine from the near by fire station stoped by my apartment to see how i was doing and to call me stupid but also to say i was brave for doing wut i did and that i was going to make 1 hell of a firefighter and that they would help me in any way then can to get on the fire dept……they didnt have come back to see how i was but they did and that just wowed me and rite then and there i knew i want to be a firefighter and i am going to look up to these guys and i just hope i will be just as great as them

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