To Brian and Gloria


Hi Dave,

Just heard and watched the 911Song on your site. Very moving and beautifully done. And the east coast voice made me home-sick too.

I just wanted to tell you that I have been a firefighter for about 33 years now. A volunteer (Halifax County) for many years and for the past 15 years full-time in Ontario (I “went down the road”). In 1989 as a volunteer in Cole Harbour I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time on 2 occasions only a few weeks apart and was part of 3 successful fire rescues. Although I never really appreciated it at the time, just doing my “job” as was expected of me. NOW as a fire chief and with the “wisdom” that comes from many more years/events passing by I have a better understanding of how significant those particular events were almost 22 years ago. 3 people are alive, and oddly that seems on the surface unremarkable since it’s what we firefighters do and are expected to do everyday… As you say in your song…everyday heroes…or better yet an everyday team of heroes since firefighting (as you know) is done successfully as a team.

Its only when you contemplate what is and would never have been if we had not been there do you truly understand (from another perspective) what it means to save a life, to save a home, to save someone’s cat or dog, even if you can only just save their baby or wedding pictures. All irreplaceable memories and unbelievably precious… someone. To someone who sees us as their heroes. Very humbling.

Thanks for capturing that in your song.

Chief, Welland Fire & Emergency Services
Welland, Ontario

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