Above and Beyond

Submitted by: Donna Cloud

So many Everyday heroes appear so tough at first glance that we assume the toughness goes through to the core, but I know that is not true. I have seen a LEO use whatever force was needed to place an abuser into cuffs, then into the backseat of the car, but when speaking with the victim, take the time and extra effort to be extremely tender. This involved sitting so the victim would not have to see the abuser, would not have to look up to see the officer, and would only hear the soft voice of an officer using words of respect.

The First Responder I would like to honor is Daryl Thuline. This man is relentless in helping fellow officers any way they need while keeping his own skills sharp so he is always ready for whatever they might face. He handles his weapons with deadly force when needed, but I have seen this man’s compassion as he deals with those who are hurting. Daryl will stand for what is right, no matter the personal cost, and is able to motivate others to actively participate as well.

Currently, Officer Thuline is following his passion to bring a K-9 program to the Flagstaff, AZ police department, and investing his own time and energies has found the donors to pay for the program, researched everything that is needed, and is prepared to make that K-9 program a reality today – saving lives and increasing the success rate of the battle against crime and the ever increasing drug war. There is only one thing stopping Officer Thuline from making this dream a reality – the approval from the Flagstaff City Manager, who, in spite of the fact that this involves either no or minimal costs to the city, has decided this is not a good time for any new program. (for details see: http://www.facebook.com/FlagstaffK9Program).

I want to honor Officer Thuline for his diligence and professionalism in seeing a need, and providing a practical response to that need by investing so much of his own time and energy. My own hope is that the City Manager of Flagstaff will recognize the need, the solution, and the benefits of this program as well as Officer Thuline’s willingness to go above and beyond to save lives and reduce crime. Officer Thuline, you are a man on honor – an everyday hero I am proud to call a friend.

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  1. Reese Berg says:

    I have known Daryl for many years, and I know his passion for law enforcement and helping people. He has proven himself to me many times over. If he puts his mind to it, he will make the K-9 program successful. No police department should be without one. I support it one hundred percent!

  2. Lourdes Hert says:

    The City of Flagstaff needs this, I hope they realize this and recognize the dedication Officer Thuline has put forth.

  3. Gary Beeson says:

    I support Daryl as I know the long hours and hard work he put into this program, just to have it denied and hope pulled out from under him.

  4. Janna Ricketts says:

    I support Office Thuline and hope that this will help the K9 program in Flagstaff come to fruition.

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