Never give up

Submitted by: Justin

I have been working with ems rescue for 3 years, me and my girlfriend joined so we could save lives, one day i got a call to go to an accident. On the way there one of the officers handed me his phone and a voice told me that my girlfriend was hit by a drunk driver. I got there and tried to save here but it was to late she died in my arms. That day is the day that scared me for my life. People as me why do you keep doing what you do, how do you do it. I always tell them that you have to remember the people that you saved instead of the people you lose. I close my eyes every day and i see her. The moral of this story is our job is hard but we never give up; we never give up so we can save innocent lives

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  1. Ryan says:

    you guys are the best people like you deserve reconniction you still do what you do, even thoyou had such a terrible experence with your job you still do what you do and follow your promiss to help people

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