Fire: The Bravest, Police: The Finest, EMS: The Forgotten

Submitted byMichelle

God created Paramedics so that Firefighters could have Heroes too. 🙂

We are the unsung.

Despite that we remain as proud and contributory as any other service out there.

Primary Care Paramedic-IV

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  1. Terri Pickering says:

    Appreciate the sentiment behind the song/video, it would take too long to mention everyone. You know if you’re a hero he’s singing about, that’s what keeps you coming back to work everyday. I am not a first responder in the field, but I’m an ER nurse and I’m someone’s first responder in the ER when they drive in shot or stabbed or having a heart attack. We’re in harms way with psychotic, violent patients and exposure to diseases everyday. I feel although nurses weren’t specifically mentioned, that we’re included. The song/video is for everyone that is someones hero out of duty. We love our EMT’s & Paramedics. Stay safe out there. You know you’re a hero! (reposted from a previous response)

  2. C.B. says:

    Here, here! While it was a wonderful song, I too was crestfallen to see paramedics, forgotten, again. People assume we’re joined with firefighters, but that is not the operating practice of all cities and provinces.

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