The not-obvious heroes

Submitted by: Marion

First responders deserve a lot of credit. No doubt about it. But I would also like to acknowledge the dedication of wildlife officers. Their departments are often underfunded, and they don’t have a full back up system in place if things go wrong. Often they are out in the bush, alone or in pairs, watching for poachers or traffickers, most of whom carry weapons. They also go to residents to make seizures of endangered wildlife. Often, they do not know what they are walking into – they have to knock on someone’s door and attempt to get an illegal animal or item away from someone who isn’t usually happy to see them. They often go there alone. Their presence is not announced, unlike a marked police car. If something goes wrong, getting to them in time might not happen. In the bush, it’s even more risky. These men and women are law enforcement, too. Nobody buys their calendars or helps them move hoses around. There are no exciting sirens to alert people to the fact that they are doing dangerous work. Most people don’t even know they’re out there. But I know, and I thank them for their dedication.

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  1. Julie says:

    I totally agree. My dad has worked in the parks system since he was 18 and this is totally true both of the conservation officers and the guys who enforce things like hunting permits and trespassing laws. They are a dedicated group of people who are often forgotten or taken for granted.

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