There are many heroes

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Ever since I was six I have always wanted to help people, no matter the situation it could be a friend who just needs someone to talk to or someone needs a simple band aid whatever it is. I have always loved the feeling of helping others, so when I turned 18 last month I joined my local volunteer fire department. We’re not a big town, only around 2000 people plus the surrounding county and I haven’t gotten many calls, and any I have had have been small fires. Luckily I have not gone to a vehicle collision with fatalities yet and if I had it my way I would never have to, I’m scared of what I will do when I do see a bad scene how it well affect me… but I know that no matter the scene, I will do my best to help. I have taken as many courses as I can and I hope I’m ready for it.

The point of the this is that even though firefighters, police officers, and doctors get alot of credit and are called heroes which they are, I think there are everyday heroes everywhere in the world. For example as I have said our community is not very big but we are right near a major highway so there is alot of accidents. One day a women lost control of her vehicle rolled it a couple of times and smashed into a power line. The sparks lit the vehicle on fire in the back. This was early in the morning; luckily there was one other peson on the road who came up to the accident. They got out and without even thinking of their own life they ran up to the vehicle took out a knife and cut the seatbelt from the woman. He then dragged the 268 pound women out of the window because the door was jammed and got her away from the vehicle. Only a few seconds after they got out of the vehicle it blew up and the vehicle was engulfed with flames. That situation is just one of many that happen all around the world whether you are in the military, are a police officer or work at starbucks there are everyday heroes everywhere they just may not know it yet….

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