Kearney Fire & Emergency Service

Submitted byCheryl Philip

The Town of Kearney is so very blessed to have a compliment of volunteers who are committed to the community and it’s residents 365 days of the year. The department has a First Response Team that responds to every medical call in the community no matter what time of the day or night. The Team cares for the patients, comforts the family and always is there to assist in any way possible to make a tragic moment as bearable as possible.

They come from every walk of life, truck drivers, care givers, paramedics, labourers, consultants, to volunteer to make our town a safer place to live. Their committment to training far surpasses that of many other departments. They train every Thursday evening and often spend the whole weekend in special training sessions. There are many who depend on the Team to be there when trouble finds them to care for their loved ones and send them safely off to the hospital.

The Firefighters are also to be commended for their continued efforts. They too work tirelessly at all times of the day or night to provide firefighting services to the community. These services include fire suppession, auto extrication, water and ice rescue, search and rescue. It is because of the dedication of each and every one of these individuals that those who live and work here in our Town can rest assured that when trouble comes knocking on their door the Kearney Fire and Emergency Service will be there to help.

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