Academic and Research Interest in United Breaks Guitars

Joseph L. Rotman School of Management: Case Study on “United Breaks Guitars”
by David Dunne,
adjunct professor of marketing, Rotman School of Management
January 11, 2010

Harvard Business Review: Case study on “United Breaks Guitars
by John Deighton, Leora Kornfield
Jan 6, 2010

University of North Carolina – School of Journalism and Mass Communications: Master Thesis Submission titled “Fighting the Social Media Wildfire : How Crisis Communications Must Adapt to Prevent from Fanning the Flames
by Allison R. Soule,

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  1. Paul Lancaster says:

    hooray for a great trilogy and a good chuckle; spririt and intent were impecable and music sublime. Love Nova Scotians

  2. Barbara O'Connor says:

    Dave, you managed to impower the individual in an impersonal world. You have made a big contribution and you really are a modern day Folk Hero – a multi-talented one! Thank you for sharing your talents so generously. Your
    music is very special and each song is amazingly unique. I love your music.

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