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10 yrs. ago my husband, Jim, had a massive heart attack, full cardiac arrest at 48 yrs. old. He was away on business in Sydney, CB and the hotel he was in just happened to be close to the emergency responders and everything worked as the Dr. said the paramedics SAVED my husbands life.

We are forever grateful to them for their speedy reactions and knowledge. My husband had a miraculous recovery, the Drs. commented too that only for the paramedics my husband would never have survived. I tracked the two men down in CB and spoke to one of them, I wrote thank you notes to them both and couldn’t express enough how grateful our family was to them!!!!!

They are angels on earth, very helpful angels and too often go unrecognized!!!! A heartfelt thanks to all of our First Responders.

Caron Harker, Jim’s wife

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