Everyday Heroes

Submitted by: Nevin Coulstring

Everyday Heroes is such a true statement, and I have a best friend that is the president of the Enfield Volunteer fire dept. The stories he shared with me and acts of heroism of his fellow first responders lead me to ask one question. Why? Why would you want to put your self in harms way, or experience the sight and sounds of others suffering. His reply was to give hope and make a difference. And as I was about to ask what he gets out of it he says. ” No drug or substance in the world can give you the spiritual warmth in side your heart when you accomplish the task of saving lives. Not always successful but with training and the ability we do make a difference. I salute you John Mettam, if my health had been different I would likely stand along side with you.

I am proud of you all, and I salute you all.

Nevin Coulstring

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  1. Antonio L. Evans says:

    Dear. Nevin Coulsting
    My name is Antonio L. Evans, I am a Jr.Firefighter from Leeton MO. Even as a Jr I agree with your Friend John Mettam. Becaues even as a Jr I still see and hear thing that no normal 15 year old may never see,and no one at my sckool sees why I do it. They think that I am a fack and tell them thinks to gane friends, but everything I do is for the people of my home town. Is there something wrong with what I do? So I just wanted to say that John Mettam gave the best way of tellin what we do, and I thank you for posting it. Thank you both of you.

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