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Sorry folks, to protect the identity of fellow officers, no names or places in this story.

It is not often that people recognize police/fire/EMS for the work they do. It is true, we have all sworn an oath to protect Life, property and peace.

Just last week I was sent to a gun call involving a male walking across the parking lot of a local restaurant with a rifle. My Sgt was the first on scene. He had stopped a vehicle (while on foot) fleeing the parking lot of the restaurant, believing it to be the suspect with the rifle. I was on scene approximately 30 seconds later. Being the first patrol car on scene I blocked the suspect vehicle with my van. As I proceeded to exit my van and took position with the Sgt behind the vehicle I drew my pistol. I walked behind my van and made my way next to the Sgt where we performed a high risk take down. The driver turned out not to be the suspect with the rifle.

At the time of the incident I was running on instinct/training. I had no emotion or fear (all that comes after you got the guy in cuffs, while you are sitting in your patrol car. That’s when you get the shakes). After the fact I got the holy shit moment when I realized the magnitude of the call. I had driven my van directly in front of a suspect car whom I believed to be in the possession of a rifle. I then stood behind the car with my Sgt, exposed to any rounds coming from the vehicle. Having thought about the matter for a few days now I have come to realize a few things. It is only a few who have the courage (may be it is stupidity, and most likely is) to stand between a gunman the hundreds of innocent citizens who were driving on (a nameless street) that day. Also, despite all else, I placed my faith, my life in the hands of the man next to me. He did not let me down. I would walk with him through any door, anytime, anywhere.

Not many understand this way of thinking, the sense of duty an officer has to his teammates and the public. I thought you captured that way of thinking quite well. Good job!

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  1. Shaun says:

    Well, we never caught the guy with the rifle. The guy was GOA. We had similar calls in the area in the following days and one individual was located. He was being dropped off by a fried after a hunting trip and decided it was a good idea to carry his rife, with out case, down a busy city street. We were never sure if he was the original suspect. And yes, I apologized to the poor fellow who I “took down”. The chap was a decent fellow and we shook hands afterwards. lol.

  2. Elly says:

    Hi Shaun. Did you end up locating the suspect with the rifle? And what turnedout to be the story – why was he carrying a rifle in public? Did you apologize to the poor guy you mistook for the gunman? (not that you did anything wrong).

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