Heroes Among Us . .

Submitted by: Donna Noble

On April 9, 2008 my life was changed forever when my only child, my daughter Jennifer (Jenny), was killed in a school bus/gravel truck accident at the age of 17 (2 months short of graduation).

Upon arrival to work that morning at the Fire Department (Secretary, Fire Prevention Coordinator and as required, Firefighter) I learned of the accident. Call it mother’s intuition, but right away I knew it was her bus and that she was gone from me (us) forever. Jenny was like a daughter to most of the members. She was actively involved in the fire department including community functions and fire practices. She looked forwarding to spending time at the hall whether it was just at my desk or sitting in on discussions.  The purpose/impact that emergency services do to the community became more in perspective.

Just over a month after Jenny’s accident I went back as an active member on the fire trucks believing that I couldn’t help her but maybe I can help someone else.  As the Fire Prevention Coordinator I speak to between 600 – 800 students in any given year. In my heart I believe something good will come out of this tragedy – it just may take time. If I can help someone through my work, her death was not in vain. She will live on in everyone who knew her or hear her story.

The days since have been challenging, however, it is because of the support of this and surrounding volunteer fire departments (as well as RCMP and Ambulance Service), I am able to continue doing what I love and I know she was proud of. Your video definitely has done it justice. It touches my hear every time I watch it. Thank you for all you have done and to the members of Emergency Services everywhere, people just like you and I, who are there for those who need help, including their own.

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